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REAL Working Miniature Classic Fan 1:12 Scale


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This fan is the perfect addition to any miniature collection. With its 1:12 scale, it's incredibly detailed and realistic.

Not only is this fan miniature, but it's also a real functioning fan! Powered by batteries, it provides a refreshing breeze just like a full-sized fan. You can place it in your dollhouse, or miniature room, or even use it as a decorative piece on your desk. 

The attention to detail on this miniature classic fan is truly remarkable. From the intricate design of the blades to the authentic-looking switch, every aspect has been carefully crafted to ensure a realistic experience. It's the perfect way to add a touch of charm and functionality to your miniature world. 

So, if you're looking for a miniature fan that is both real functioning and battery-powered, look no further! This "REAL Working Miniature Classic Fan 1:12 Scale" is the ideal choice. Get ready to enjoy the cool breeze and admire the craftsmanship of this delightful miniature fan.

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