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Tiny Food Recipe: Tiny Red Velvet Cupcakes | Miniature cooking at mini kitchen

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This is the perfect place to visit if you are craving some red velvet cupcakes but want to make them in a different way than the traditional way. Because there aren't many people who don't enjoy red velvet cupcakes, we've created this blog specifically for those of you who have a sweet tooth or are yearning for some delicious red velvet cupcakes.

Today, we'll show you how to prepare miniature red velvet cupcakes with the help of miniature cooking kitchen sets. The tiny recipe will teach you how to make tiny cupcakes with no difficulty after reading the recipe.

Please continue reading to learn how to make miniature, aesthetically attractive red velvet cupcakes by following the recipe for red velvet cake that we have provided in full below.


  • Baking powder
  • Cocoa powder
  • Red food color

How to make tiny red velvet cupcakes?

  1. Start by adding flour from the miniature mixing glass bowl to the miniature steel mixing bowl.
  2. Add a little bit of sugar and also add two spoonfuls of baking powder and cocoa powder, both stored in the miniature food storage box with a miniature dessert spoon.
  3. Now mix everything with the miniature whisk.
  4. Now add an egg to another miniature mixing glass bowl while simultaneously adding milk from the mini cooking kitchen jug.
  5. Add a piece of butter from the miniature simple ceramic bowl plate with the help of a tiny whisker into the egg and milk mixture.
  6. Mix everything till it starts to turn into a batter.
  7. Now add a red food colour drop and mix everything again till the batter has turned red.
  8. Now add the milk and egg batter into the flour and mix everything until everything is mixed.
  9. Make sure the consistency is not thick or thin.
  10. Now take the mini baking oven cupcakes mold, and butter the mold with the help of a tiny brush.
  11. Now add the batter one by one into the mold with the help of a miniature cooking spoon.
  12. Put your tiny red velvet cupcakes into the oven, and wait until they are done.
  13. Put the tray out with the help of tiny pot holders, and start putting the cupcakes one by one on the miniature cutting board to cool them down.
  14. Now add the whipping cream on top one by one.
  15. Now add little colourful toppings to the cream carefully.
  16. Voila, your tiny red velvet cupcakes are ready.
  17. Now put them on the cupcake holder and show your tiny cupcakes around.

In the hope that you have gained some basic knowledge about creating tiny red velvet cupcakes in your miniature kitchen after reading this blog, please share it with others. If you believe it is too difficult to follow, you must remember that nothing is impossible and that only practice can make a person better. Keep practising your miniature cooking techniques, and you will soon become a famous miniature cook in your own right, as its practice makes the person better. Don't stop practising.


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