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About Us

A message from founder

Hello everyone welcome to Real Mini World!
As a founder, Real Mini World has been my biggest dream since 3 years ago. I saw a lot of famous tiny or miniature cooking channel on youtube. I love to watch all the episodes and was very amazed on how it is, in a way very satisfying to. watch. At that time, I was dreaming of trying the tiny cooking myself at home and create tiny mini real food. 
Sadly, after go over the whole google, searching for miniature real cookwares and utensil, I ended up finding nothing. Most of them are just doll house miniatures, which can not be used for real cooking. I manage to find some shop selling the real cooking miniature utensil it but with a highly fantastic price which I could not afford at that time.
I believed that there will be a lot of other people out there having the same difficulties as me in finding store that sell real working miniatures. Creating this store is not easy. It is only now (after 3 years) I finally been able to realised this store and make it available for people around the world.

Our Mission

Real Mini World has a crystal clear mission, which to provide affordable wide variety of real working miniatures. Besides it tiny size, all of our miniatures are functioning as well as the real size product! We have mini stove that cook just like a real one, wide varieties of miniature knife that as sharp as the real size knife (we even make sashimi using it), miniature blender with sharp razor that blend as the real one, and even miniature kitchen set that with all functioning furnitures and cookwares. We are continuously expanding our product range and help miniatures lovers to level up their collection from merely miniatures to fully functioning real miniatures.