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Tiny Food Recipe: Rainbow Crepe Cake | Miniature cooking at the mini kitchen

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There wouldn't be anyone who would not want to bake a colourful rainbow cake. A rainbow crepe cake is the more advanced and creamy form of cake. We have brought a delicious recipe of tiny rainbow crepe cake for you, which you can easily make in your miniature kitchen without any problem. Read on to find out the recipe.


  • Egg.
  • Sugar.
  • Salt.
  • Milk.
  • Butter.
  • Green food colour.
  • Blue food colour.
  • Purple food colour.
  • Orange food colour.
  • Yellow food colour.
  • Whipping cream.
  • Icing sugar.

How to make Tiny Rainbow Crepe cakes?

  1. Start making your rainbow crepe cakes using your miniature kitchen set.
  2. Add an egg from the mini seasoning mug into the miniature mixing steel bowl.
  3. Now add a little bit of sugar and some salt from the miniature food storage box with the help of a miniature spatula.
  4. Now add milk from the miniature glass jug into the egg mixture.
  5. Now add two spoonfuls of flour from the miniature mixing glass bowl with the help of a miniature vintage spoon.
  6. Now melt some butter into the miniature saucepan from the miniature kitchen set.
  7. Now mix everything with the miniature whisk.
  8. Now put some cling wrap on top of the mixing steel bowl and keep it inside the miniature fridge for an hour.
  9. After one hour, take the mixture out of the miniature fridge.
  10. Take a spoon ladle from the miniature kitchen set, and put a little mixture into the miniature mixing glass bowl
  11. Now add green food colouring in the miniature mixing glass bowl with the miniature dessert spoon and mix it with the same spoon ladle.
  12. Now do the same with at least four more bowls, purple, sky blue, yellow, and orange.
  13. You will have five coloured bowls of cake batter after this step.
  14. Now put the tiny kitchen candle stove under the miniature kitchen stove.
  15. Now take a pan from miniature kitchen set and pour a thin layer of the green-coloured mixture on the pan.
  16. Make sure to evenly spread out the mixture before putting it on the stove.
  17. When it's done, take the green crepe out with the help of a miniature spatula. And put it on the ceramic bowl plate.
  18. Now pour the blue-coloured batter on the pan and evenly spread it out in the pan.
  19. Now cook the crepe, and after it's done, put it on a different plate.
  20. Subsequently, please do the same with every colour batter, make crepes, and put them on different ceramic bowl plate.
  21. Now start putting crepes one by one on the mini cake decorating turntables.
  22. First, put a purple crepe and a little whipped cream by a miniature santoku knife and spread it evenly onto the crepe.
  23. Put another layer of green crepe over the purple one while also spreading whipping cream on top of it.
  24. Put another layer of the yellow crepe while spreading whipping cream on top of it while topping it with orange crepe.
  25. Do the same layering process until you get the crepes' required height.
  26. Don't forget to sprinkle some icing sugar over your tiny rainbow crepes.
  27. Now cut a triangular piece of the tiny rainbow crepe cake with the miniature santoku knife and put it on the tiny plate.
  28. Voila! Your delicious, tiny rainbow crepe cake is ready.


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