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Where to Buy Mini Food for Tiny Cooking?

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Mini food is trend that has taken the world like a storm!
Tiny cooking has become a new satisfying hobby, and it's a superb way to get rid of stress and train your cooking skill to the next level🥳
However, people have been wondering on where to actually buy tiny food ingredients to cook with. In Real Mini World we have been bombarded with this question daily 😂
The fun fact is 🫶🏻 As a mini cooking content content creator, we actually get our mini ingredients from our local grocery store. Here are some mini ingredients that you can easily get on any grocery stores around you.

1. Quail Eggs

2. Cherry Tomato

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes

3. Baby Potatoes

18 Ways to Serve Tiny Peewee Potatoes from the Grocery Store | MyRecipes

4. Choosing Tiniest Size Of Everything

Here comes the trickier part! not everything is tiny from the nature. Sometimes it just goes into finding the tiniest thing on the grocery store aisle. Such as picking the tiniest garlic on the rack. Or simply cut the full-size vegies and fruit into small pieces.

5. Tiny Packaging

Last but not least, a tiny packaging will make a huge different! Spices such as salt, sugar, pepper, etc can be store at tiny spice containers or tiny glass salt and pepper bottle .

miniature salt bottle