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Miniature Cooking Oil / Sauce Seasoning Bottle Container


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Introducing our Miniature Cooking Oil / Sauce Seasoning Bottle Container, the perfect accessory for your mini cooking and tiny food needs. This tiny container is carefully designed to hold your favorite cooking oils or sauces, making it perfect for the tiny kitchen! Carefully crafted for the intricate and delicate work involved in miniature and tiny cooking projects. Made of durable, high-quality plastic material, this container is easy to clean and reuse. Whether you're making tiny cakes, miniature pizzas, or any other tiny food creations, our Miniature Cooking Oil / Sauce Seasoning Bottle Container is sure to become your new favorite cooking tool. Try it out today and see the difference it makes in your miniature kitchen!

Material: resin plastic
Fit to: 1:12 and 1:6
Set include:
- 4 pcs of various size of container bottles
- 2 pcs of sauce spoon


This is a handmade product, which might not be as perfect as factory made product. A slight difference and imperfection might occur. Please consider before buying. But what makes it different with factory produced product is each pieces is made with love and passion ❤️

Mini cooking is for entertainment and collectible purposes only please refer to our terms and condition