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Miniature 1:6 Classic Royal Cup Set

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Introducing our exquisite Miniature 1:6 Classic Royal Glass Set, a true testament to elegance and sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece is a miniature replica of classic royal glassware, exuding timeless charm and regal allure. 

Handmade with precision from premium quality resin, these miniature glasses boast perfect clarity, capturing the essence of fine crystal without compromising on durability. The embossed artistic pattern adorning each glass adds a touch of opulence, reflecting the grandeur of bygone eras.

Whether displayed as a decorative accent or used in dollhouse settings, these miniature glasses are sure to elevate any space with their undeniable charm and refinement. Bring a touch of royal splendor into your home or collection with our Miniature 1:6 Classic Royal Glass Set – where craftsmanship meets elegance in every sip.

  • Scale: 1/6
  • Material: Acrylic

🍿Please be aware

This is a handmade supply product, which might not be as perfect as a factory-made product. A slight difference and imperfection might occur. Please consider before buying. But what makes it different from the factory-produced product is each piece is made with love and passion 💕

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