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Miniature REAL Baking & Cooking 2in1 Oven Stove Set


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Tiny Chef around the world, the wait is now over! You can now have this 2in1 Oven and Stove in your miniature kitchen.

This set also comes with 2 cake pans and 1 bread pan. Cook unlimited fun dishes with the stove and get creative in baking tiny cakes and bread. The sky is the limit!

Material: Metal, Aluminium

Tiny baking oven size:

width 11.5cm
height 10cm (stove top height +0.5cm)
depth 7cm

Set Includes:

- 1pcs Miniature metal oven stove

- 1pcs Miniature aluminium round cake pan with lose base

- 1pcs Miniature aluminium square cake pan

- 1pcs Miniature aluminium bread pan