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Tiny Food Recipe: Tiny Christmas Tree cookies | Miniature cooking at the mini kitchen

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Nobody can deny the power of Christmas cookies, and you can fly through the aroma of freshly baked cookies in your kitchen. Everyone makes Christmas cookies in many different shapes and sizes to fulfil their appetite.

The colourful cookies give an aesthetically pleasing feeling, which makes the baking more satisfying and fulfilling. We have come up with a recipe of tiny Christmas tree cookies for you which you can make in your tiny kitchen without any struggle. You can follow the steps and easily make these tiniest cookies by using your miniature cookware. Read on to find out the delicious recipe for tiny Christmas tree cookies.


  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Egg
  • Baking powder
  • Flour
  • Icing sugar
  • Food coloring
  • Sprinkles


How to make Tiny Christmas tree Cookies?

  1. Start making your delicious tiny Christmas tree cookies by adding butter from the miniature bowl plate with a miniature fork by adding butter with the help of a fork in a miniature mixing steel bowl.
  2. Now, add a little amount of sugar from the mini jar into the butter.
  3. Mix an egg with the same fork in a miniature mixing glass bowl.
  4. Now, add the egg mixture into the butter and mix until it has turned into a batter.
  5. Take some flour in a miniature mixing glass bowl and add a spoonful of baking powder with a miniature dessert spoon.
  6. Add a little amount of flour into the butter and egg mixture.
  7. Mix until the mixture is turned into a little dough.
  8. Now make sure to need the dough with the help of your fingers.
  9. Now sprinkle a little amount of flour on the board and put your dough over the flour-dusted board.
  10. First, roll your dough with your fingers, then flatten the bread with the help of a miniature rolling pin.
  11. Now, take miniature cookie cutters shaped in a tree and cut the cookies into tiny trees.
  12. Make as much as you can, and store them in a mini food storage box.
  13. Now, put some cookies onto mini pan baking trays and put them in the oven to bake.
  14. Now, carefully take them out and put them on the mini cooking wooden board.
  15. Now, take a plate and put some icing sugar over it while adding green food colour.
  16. Now, take the green icing sugar with the help of a toothpick and start designing the tiniest cookies.
  17. Fill the surface of the cookies with a green colour.
  18. Next, add some colourful yellow and red sprinkles to the cookies to give them Christmas-y vibes.
  19. Your Tiny Christmas tree cookies are ready. Enjoy!

We hope, after reading this blog. You have the Christmas-y feelings, and the urge to bake some cookies is on the verge now. Bake some cookies in your tiny kitchen by using the tiny cookware by following this recipe. This easiest recipe will motivate you to bake or cook more tiny food that you can use to make more mini food.


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