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REAL MINI WORLD X MINI KITCHEN for real mini cooking show!

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It goes without saying, miniature cooking videos have been one of the world’s most satisfying videos to watch! It's not only about the minuscule size of the food that is so satisfying but also the art value and detail of each tiny miniature cookware and stove. From the details of kitchen ornaments, and realistic look of each miniature knives, spatula, pans, etc.

Real mini world strives to bring all of this to the next level. Realistic detail is the old trend but now, people are expecting more! They want a real totally functioning miniature that works just like a real one!

Miniature kitchen playing with real working miniature blender from Real Mini world





Miniature kitchen setting up our complete deluxe kitchen set ❤️


People behind Mini Kitchen Channel

In 2018,  Sanjay was spending his leisure time surfing on youtube when he saw a very interesting miniature cooking channel that caught his eyes! Tiny cooking was so fascinating it's a whole different level from real size cooking because everyone can cook in real size but miniature cooking requires delicacy, passion, and of course hands that are not shaking! 

Soon after that, Sanjay asked his brother to join him in creating a mini kitchen channel on youtube. It was not an easy road, both brothers could not afford to buy miniature cookwares and a miniature stove at that time. But it did not discourage them! They work hard and save money to collect all the miniature kitchen parts they need.

“When I started YouTube the first few months were such a hard time,  but after 5,6 month my bro had become such a perfect mini kitchen chef!” said Ranjit when being interviewed by Real Mini World team.

The two brothers started their mini cooking channel on Tiktok in Feb 2020. Their mini cooking video was highly enjoyed by tiktok users across the globe and Mini kitchen channel gain 1M followers just in 3 months! 

Recently both brothers also started a new tiny cooking YouTube channel and quickly gained 85k subscribers in just 1 month!

“Our mission is world no.1 Miniature kitchen channel on YouTube 😁😁, it's not possible but we will try” said both in big smile 😁