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Tiny Eggs for Tiny Cooking

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As a dedicated team for creating  tiny cooking set and supplies, we notice the most obvious curiosity from our customer is which and how to get those tiny eggs.

After a while, we finally decided to create this blog post, dedicated to answer those curiosities.

First of all, the most easiest, affordable, and readily available tiny egg is quail eggs

quail egg for tiny cooking 

However, some might not really satisfied as quail egg looks rather big for 1:12 cooking utensil just like above picture.

So far, we do find lizard egg has the most suitable size. But hey! its not easy to find and steal a lizard egg.

Thus, some miniature cooking channel on youtube has been pushing limits by using molecular gastronomy technique to create the perfect tiny eggs for miniature cooking.

So how to make a perfectly tiny eggs for mini cooking show?

1. Blend small amount of sodium alginate with warm water.

2. Pour mixture into a bowl and let all the air bubble sit in

3. Add calcium lactate powder to beaten egg yolk and mix well

4. Take a bit of the mixture and drop to the alginate water solution

5. Leave it only about 2 sec and gently scoop it out 

Voila! you get the perfect tiny egg yolk

Now we are leaving with one question. How to get the shell?

Unfortunately, that still remain a problem to be solved. Hopefully some creative mini cooking youtuber will come up with the most unthinkable idea to come up with the perfect tiny egg with its shell.