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Tiny Food Recipe: Tiny Fried Dumplings | Miniature cooking at the mini kitchen

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Dumplings have become more popular around the world; many people are trying or want to test how to make dumplings and also want to enjoy the tasty dumplings. Dumplings are typically bit sized and are filled with different choices of your filling according to your need.

If you have some dumplings cravings, but also wondering how you can utilize your miniature skills in your tiny kitchen, we have formulated this simple recipe for you to know how you can make tiny miniature fried dumplings. There is no one who doesn't like dumplings, and if we put dumplings and tiny together, then nobody can ignore the tasty but tiny dumplings. Read on to find out the recipe.


  • Flour
  • Dumpling skin
  • Fish
  • Frying Oil
  • Chilli sauce

How to make Tiny fried Dumplings?

  1. Start with your miniature kitchen stove.
  2. Take a pinch of flour from the miniature mixing glass bowl and spread it on the rolling board from the vintage miniature kitchen set.
  3. Now, take tiny pieces of dumpling skin and put them on the ceramic plate.
  4. Take one dumpling skin and roll it with a miniature rolling pin on the board.
  5. Now, add a small amount of fish from the miniature ceramic bowl to the dumpling skin with the miniature spoon.
  6. Now fold one side of the dumpling skin and put water onto the two sides of the skin.
  7. Now, put both sides together and shape the skin into a shape of a tiny boat, like a wonton.
  8. Make another by taking another skin and putting fish on it.
  9. Fold one corner of the skin while putting water on the other two sides and attaching them just like the first one.
  10. Make at least six of them and put them on the tray.
  11. Put the tiny miniature candle stove on the stove and put a miniature wok pan on the stove.
  12. Now, add sunflower oil to the wok from the oil bottle from the vintage miniature kitchen set.
  13. Wait till the oil is heated.
  14. Start adding dumplings one by one.
  15. Make sure to be safe and put the dumplings slowly in the heated oil.
  16. Stir the dumplings, and turn them from time to time with the miniature cooking strainer.
  17. Take a miniature mixing steel bowl and put some tissues in it.
  18. When the dumplings are done, take a miniature ironcast spatula and a miniature cooking strainer, take them out and put them in the miniature mixing steel bowl.
  19. Put them in the tray and serve them with some chilli sauce.
  20. Dip your tiny fried dumpling into the chilli sauce and ENJOY.
After reading this recipe, we hope you understand how to make tiny dumplings in your mini kitchen. Do not be afraid to test out your skills, and even if you fail so that you know that failure is the first step to success. You will be able to learn these minimalistic skills, which you will be able to use in your tiny kitchen.


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