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Tiny Food Recipe: Tiniest Hanami Dango | Miniature cooking at the mini kitchen

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Due to social media, Hanami Dango is a Japanese sweet dish, which is now getting popular. Hanami Dango is the easiest, and the yummiest sweet dish one can eat.

The recipe is relatively easy, which makes cooking it more effortless. If you acquire a mini kitchen and want to cook hanami dango, then trying the tiniest hanami dango recipe is most reasonable.

You can use your miniature kitchen and cook this delicious and aesthetically appealing recipe of this sweet dish.


  • Rice flour.
  • Water
  • Green food colour
  • Red food colour.

How to make the tiniest hanami Dango?

  1. Begin by taking rice flour in a miniature mixing steel bowl while taking some water in a jug.
  2. Pour water from the jug into the rice flour.
  3. Mix the flour with water with a miniature spoon.
  4. Mix it till it becomes a dough.
  5. Now, take the dough and divide the dough into three tiny pieces and place them on the miniature oval serving plate.
  6. Take some toothpicks and place them on a miniature wooden tray.
  7. Pick one toothpick, and put some green food colour over it.
  8. Now, put a droplet of green colour on the dough.
  9. Mix the food colour into the dough.
  10. Now, take another ball and put another droplet of red colour on the flour ball.
  11. Mix the food colour with the flour ball.
  12. Leave one ball as it is.
  13. Now, take the miniature candle stove and put it under the stove of miniature kitchen set.
  14. Now, take the green bowl, take a little dough, and roll it in a smaller ball.
  15. Make at least six balls.
  16. Now do the same with the white as well as the pink ball and turn it into six balls each while placing all balls on ceramic bowl plate.
  17. Now boil water in a miniature alloy pot, and add all the pink balls and three green balls to the water, and put the lid over the pot.
  18. Please wait until all the balls boil, and take them out with the help of the strainer.
  19. Now add the remaining three green balls and also the six white balls and close the lid.
  20. Now, put the balls on the same plate when they are done.
  21. Now take a toothpick and put the green ball first, then the white one while putting the pink ball in the last.
  22. Do it with every ball, and place them together on the miniature wooden tray.
  23. Your colourful tiniest Hanami Dango is ready. Enjoy!
After reading this recipe, we hope you understand how to make this sweet dish. Use your miniature kitchen to make different recipes; you can quickly try easy recipes just like this in the beginning, giving you the motivation to try new things and dishes in your miniature kitchen.


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