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Miniature Cooking Shop: The World's First Miniature Real Working Blender

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Cooking mini food on a miniature stove and kitchen set perhaps has been something quite usual. But oh wait! we don't wanna stop there, we want to create a more realistic meticulous experience in your mini kitchen. Why not also create a real working mini blender?

After months of research and development, we finally came up with this tiny blender. We are so proud since it is all hand-made from the very scratch!

Let's have a look!

We came up with this barbie pink at first and expand to various pastel color edition blenders ( pastel mint, blue, pink, and yellow)

It fits perfectly inside the modern miniature kitchen 💕 with its minimalist, design that looks like a trendy handheld portable blender.

mini cooking shop miniature cooking blender juicer blend real tiny fruit

To make a mini juice, you need to cut your tiny fruit small with your miniature super sharp fruit knife.

mini cooking shop : mini strawberry shakes

Pour water or milk in as well, to help our blender work smoothly. The blade is sharp watch this amazing tiny blender blend your juice. Well, it's so satisfying I should admit!

mini cooking shop real working blender

 Uwuuu voila! Well blended mini juice is ready to be served 😁

mini cooking shop mini blender mini food diy



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