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Tiny Food Recipe : Korean Tteokbokki | Miniature cooking at mini kitchen

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Tiny Cooking | Tteokbokki recipe 😁

Another Korean food mini kitchen recipe for you to try! If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you must be familiar with this food💕 Tteokbokki (떡볶이) or stir-fried rice cake is one of the most popular Korean street foods.

It's made from small-sized garaetteok ( long, white, cylinder-shaped rice cakes)


- Rice Flour

- Corn Starch

- Salt

- Water

- Gochujang

- Oyster Sauce

- Sesame Seed

How to make rice cakes?

1. First mix rice flour and corn starch together

2. Add a small miniature spoon of salt

3. Mix with water until it achieve a shapeable dough consistency

4. Roll the dough and cut it into mini cylindrical shapes with miniature real sharp knife

5. Boil them in miniature cooking pan on top of candle stove  wait until the rice cake floats

6. Skim the rice cakes with miniature strainer set aside

How to make Tteokbokki sauce?

1. Cook water, Gochujang, and oyster sauce together

2. Add rice cake into the sauce mixture

3. stir fry for 1 min

Your tiny Tteokbokki is now ready! Don't forget to serve it with mini egg, leeks, and sesame seeds 😁




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