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Tiny Food Recipe: BTS McDonald's Meal | Miniature cooking at mini kitchen

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The BTS McDonald's meal is the most well-known among fans of the band BTS, as well as among the general public. Many people enjoy having a miniature kitchen in which they may demonstrate their culinary abilities when preparing small portions of meals.

If you are a BTS fan and are interested in learning how to prepare a BTS supper using little cookware and mini food, we have created this blog post specifically for you.

Below are the step by step instructions to prepare a satisfying BTS McDonald's meal in your little kitchen while using mini cooking utensil.

  1. Begin by placing candlelight under your miniature kitchen set, which you can purchase from realminiworld, and work your way up. It consists of an actual stove, a sink, furnishings, as well as equipment for preparing miniature meals. After that, turn on the miniature stove.
  2. Put the oil in a mini cooking pot and heat it on the burner until the oil is not and bubble up
  3. Cut the potatoes into little fries, and then put your fries into the hot oil, stirring constantly with a mini spatula
  4. Bring the potatoes to a boil, and when they are done, drain all of the oil from them using a miniature strainer before placing them on the paper towel placed on the miniature ceramic dinner plate with the miniature kitchen collection.
  5. Cut the nuggets with the miniature real sharp knife into small pieces and place them in the same miniature kitchen pot in which you fried the potatoes fries to make nuggets. To keep the nuggets from sticking together, stir them with a spoon from the same kitchen set now and then.
  6. Hold off on taking out the nuggets until they are golden brown before putting them on the same miniature plate as the fries after finishing cooking them.
  7. Then you may eat them in the small, tiny boxes of BTS McDonald's meals and enjoy them with the Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces, as well as the scrumptious miniature BTS Macdonald's meal.

Having a mini kitchen is nowadays everyone's dream coming true. So many people get mini kitchen utensils and cookware to showcase their skills or start a cooking show. You can also start a mini kitchen with the help of realminiworld.com where you will get the required products for your tiny kitchen even when you are just starting.

Begin with a little kitchen and demonstrate your proficiency in creating miniature foods while simultaneously learning new skills. You can start with simple dishes, such as the one we have just shown above, and this will make your voyage into the tiny kitchen much easier.


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