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The World’s First Affordable Miniature Real Cooking Store

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Inspired by Japanese miniature cooking trend

Tiny cooking has been constantly an emerging internet trend since 2014. It was first started on Youtube by a Japanese channel called Miniature Space that posted tons of ASMR videos on cooking mini edible food using real ingredients and miniature cooking utensils and stove that really cook. The trend starts with japan and spreads widely across the globe.

Back then, I was one of the miniature cooking fans. After watching tons of satisfying mini cooking videos, I was dreaming of cooking mini food at my home. As a 19 years old young lady living in Asia, I was surprised by how hard it is to find real functioning miniature cookware. When I found the store, I was hit by how extremely expensive they are. The stove itself was sold for hundreds of dollars excluding shipping cost, which is ridiculous!

Answering the demand for mini cooking lovers 

Deriving from my own experience, I believe many people around the globe were broken-hearted by the non-availability and un-affordability of miniature real cooking kitchen supplies.

Through a lot of effort and prayers, I finally realised my dream. In 2020 ( yes! during the COVID-19 pandemic), Real Mini World is established with the mission to make real functioning miniatures available worldwide at the most affordable price!

miniature real cooking kitchen set

We are such a young store but yet, we have been dispatching amazing miniatures to various continents across the world! USA, UK, Asia, and even the middle east!

Beyond miniature real cooking stove!

Real Mini World goes beyond providing a basic tiny cooking stove. But going above and beyond to create all possible mini cooking tools that work just like the real one. Various real cutting miniature knives, ice shaversteamer, and even real functioning tiny blender and baking mixer.

miniature real cooking butcher knife
miniature real working ice shaver
miniature real working functioning blender cooking

Not only that, but we also provide a real miniature working kitchen sink and faucet with an automatic pumping system to enhance the mini cooking experiences of our customers.

With a miniature real working oven on the way, the sky is just the limit :)

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