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The current fever for dessert across Asia has been nothing but the almighty amazingly delicious CROFFLE!

The newest hybrid between the buttery taste of Croissant and fluffy texture of Waffle has elicit the birth of their very viral baby called, Croffle. Croffles are simply made by cooking croissant dough on a waffle pan so it looks like a waffle, but it is actually a crossiant – Croffle! 

This viral dessert was invented by Louise Lennox, a pastry chef from Irish.

Regarding what topping and final taste of the croffle, the limit is only the sky! From sprinkles of powder sugar, to chocolate sauces and fruit combine, creating something simply everyone cannot resist!

Watch us grabbing some frozen croissants dough and creating such tiny croffle, baking it on our miniature waffle pan, cook it on our mini cooking stove in our tiny kitchen using all mini kitchen utensils.

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